The IGSA History so far…

IGSA Labs story took birth around 2003-04 when Rahul was a faculty member with IIM Lucknow and Sridhar was a consultant with IIT Kanpur. They began to informally collaborate to develop crude DSS tools based on OR models for energy and manufacturing sectors and used them in the executive development programs at the IIM. Then in 2005-06 when Sridhar moved to Hyderabad and Rahul to Bangalore, the idea of giving a formal shape to IGSA was conceived. The company was registered in 2006 and active product development work began in 2007.

Development of first two products – MLP and FIP – was carried out with meager resources inside a small shack in Hyderabad. It took more than a year before these products gained a shape good enough to be showcased in the market. IGSA got its first customer in 2008 and there has been no looking back since then.

The visions commonly shared by the two founders drive IGSA. These are: (i) To establish a math modeling and R&D focused organization that is commercially viable, solves real world decision problems, and contributes to building product development capability in society, and (ii) To create an organizational environment that motivates people by offering intellectually stimulating projects, team work, shared learning environment, and a humane and open-boundary HR culture.

In IGSA every member (employee) gets an opportunity to engage in multiple tasks – product development, consulting, customer interaction, routine service delivery, and internal administration. In the process we add value to both our members and customers. Our team members – a mix of mathematical modelers/analysts, IT and GIS experts – have, in turn, developed as highly skilled professionals who can take on multiple tasks and respond with amazing commitment.

We do falter at times but recover quickly, thanks to our members’ commitment. Our members take pride in the work and that explains high customer satisfaction. Our customers value the high-end products and services we deliver with a good deal of customization and personal touch.

Our products efficiently aid the experience and judgment of decision makers by carrying out complex calculations quickly. Such complex calculations are often required to answer crucial ‘what-if’ questions raised by knowledgeable decision makers. Without models and tools to answer those questions, the decision makers rely mainly on gut feel. Worldwide experience shows that a significant scope for improvement exists in organizations by applying such models, whether it is the total cost, contribution margin, service level, environmental impact, energy efficiency, resource productivity, or any other objective.

We have already developed mathematical models and tools for a variety of decisions and applied them in a range of sectors – continuous process manufacturing & distribution, FMCG, logistics, energy, climate change, land-use planning, and transport policy. In the future we aim to further reinforce our R&D competence, develop new products and apply them across a wider range of decisions and sectors. We also aim to make our organizational/work environment more stress-free, creative and enjoyable.

The journey so far has been exciting and we would like to gratefully acknowledge those who, at various points, have contributed their bit to the script – Saran, Kamal, Maruthi, Jyoti, Krishna, Prasad, Lingarao, Anurag, Nilay, Amiya, Sandeep, Ravi, Vijay, Neeraja, Sarika, Rafi, Dhirendra, Sudhir, Pulkit, Brijesh, Samit, Ramesh, Santosh, Prateep, Abhaya, Ranjan and Priyanka. At times, some professors of IITs, IIMs and SPJIMR have provided us useful guidance – Narayan, Prem, Umesh, Aravinda, Venkat, Trilochan, Raghuram. A lot of these friends are still part of the journey and work with us in various capacities. In the future we look forward to many more people contributing to this endeavour and making it a story worth telling.