Supply Chain Planning in a Tea Co.

The paper, presented in the Supply Chain Conference 2011 at IIM Bangalore, describes the application of a MILP model, Manufacturing & Logistics Planner (MLP), to a large tea company. The model calculates optimal plan for packaging mix, transport allocation between suppliers and packaging centers, and between packaging centers and depots.

Transport Policy Analysis Model

The presentation, made at the APORS Conference 2010, describes a large scale OR model developed for India's transport policy analysis. The model considers 623X623 origin-destination (o-d) matrix of district level nodes and calculates least cost o-d allocation and route-mode selection for transportation of several commodities within India. It also identifies bottleneck sections and attractive multi-modal transport options.

OR Model for Cement Logistics

The paper, presented in SOM Conference 2011, describes a large scale Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) model - Manufacturing & Logistics Planner (MLP) - useful for calculating optimal plan for logistics-production-procurement. It also describes an application of MLP to Cement industry.

Logistics Routing & Consolidation

The paper, presented in SOM Conference 2011, explains a typical operational problem of large international 3PL service providers. It describes a broad heuristic approach to select routes for multiple orders and achieve effective consolidation led savings.

Constraint Management Engine in DSS

The paper, presented in SOM Conference 2011, describes a constraint management engine developed as a part of a DSS around a large scale optimization model - MLP. Efficient writing and validation of business and operations specific constraints is crucial for quick model generation, run and scenario analyses.

Training: Supply Chain Optimization

IGSA and Anandi Corp to organize a 2-day training program in April 2011 for top and senior executives on "Analytical Models for Supply Chain Optimization".